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Who We Are

Premium Roofing Calgary is a reputed local Canadian roofing company that offers a range of impressive roofing services including inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement. We believe the high quality of our products and services provide peace of mind to our customers all year round. You can be confident of having a roof that protects your home in every type of weather.

We make it a point to adhere to the strictest standards of business practices and we implement our policies right from day one.


Residential Roof Repair

It’s very important roof damage of any kind should be promptly address by a professional roofing company in your area. Regular roof inspection ensures that your home or commercial property is well-protected against the harsh elements of weather.


Why Roof Repairs Develop in the First Place

Every roof is subject to expansion and contraction as the weather changes. They expand during warmer months and contract during the winter. The alternate expansion and contraction causes roof shingles to crack and wear away. During harsh winters, regular ice et snow removal reduces the possibility of further wear and tear. 

Ice and snow often seep into cracks and gaps and melt into water, gradually widening the cracks and gaps over time. Any crack or roof damage offers further potential for internal damage as water will attack other primary structures in your house. For roof that are past their prime or those that have lived their life, a complete roof replacement may be necessary.

 Our roofing specialists will examine your roof carefully and make expert recommendations

Commercial Roof Repair

Roof repair is as crucial for commercial properties as it is for residential ones. A leaking or poorly maintained roof may cause irreparable damage to your premises, goods and furniture and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of losses. Get your roof inspected regularly by professionals for maximum protection from unexpected problems and big repair or replacement bills.


Moreover, an attractive and strong roof crowns your shop or place of business with an aesthetic appeal that has a subconscious but significant effect on business. Why delay scheduling a professional roof inspection? It may save your property from damage from rainwater, pests and rodents and prevent stress and headaches.


Leaking Roof

Roofs may leak due to several reasons. Most of us do not notice it until you see a dark stain on the ceiling or drops of water pouring down during a rainstorm. Leaks often seem to spring up out of the blue for no reason at all even when you’ve had a new roof installed.

Leaking roof problems can be caused due to damaged shingles, poor roof installations leaving gaps and cracks, damaged ‘V’ at the spot where the two sloping halves of the roof meet or puncturing of the roof material.

This is why it’s a good idea to schedule a professional roof inspection after a rain or hailstorm.

Roof Restoration

The process of cleaning, repairing and re-coating a roof is known as ‘roof restoration’. In particular, roofs that are over 12 years of age benefit greatly from a restoration. Restoration protects moisture from seeping into gaps while repointing ridge caps makes them more resistant to harsh weather.

 Recoating your roof helps reduce expansion and contraction and helps your roof last longer. The membrane coasting also helps water run off quicker and better from the roof. Accumulated water is one of the most common causes of roof damage.

Metal Roof Repair

 We use the most effective repair solution depending on the type of type of material that the roof is made of. Metal roofs are quite common in Canada and have been in use for a long time. Many commercial and industrial properties still have metal roofs. One of the biggest problems of metal roofs is rusting. Even if the metal has been anodized and extruded by the manufacturer, metal roofs become vulnerable to rusting over time.

Another common problem with metal roofs is constant expansion and contraction. This in turn causes fasteners to back out and exit the roof. Our roofing experts will be happy to re-drill the fasteners into place and apply silicone coatings to preserve the roof integrity.

Aluminum Roof Repair

Over the years, aluminum roofs have fast become the roof of choice for many Canadians. Given its light and heat reflector properties, durability and versatility, many property owners opt for aluminum roofs.

Moreover, aluminum does not warp, burn or crack and is also known to be extremely corrosion-resistant. However, over time, aluminum loses its shine and often requires recoating. It’s also vulnerable to denting from fallen debris from trees or ice pieces after a hailstorm.

Rubber Roof Repair 

One of the biggest advantages of rubber roofing is that its easy to install and affordable compared to other roofs. Depending on the layout of the roof, rubber roofs are usually laid out in a single piece thus reducing seams and the possibility of cracks.

In general, rubber roof leaks are fast and easy to implement. However, it’s best to hire professional roofing companies to complete the repairs or installation for you.

Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are particularly common for garages and extensions and are popular for low cost of installation. However, they are prone to leaking and may require replacement every 10 years or so. Flat roofs typically require repair or replacement when water starts collecting in puddles or the feting is beginning to sag.

Small rips, cracks or water leaks may also signify damage. Our experienced crews will remove the stone chippings along with the ripped felt and will inspect your roof timbers carefully for signs of decay. We specialize in garage roof repair and will be happy to recommend repairs or replacements depending on the problem.

Hail Damage Roof 

Roof shingles are one of the first to be damaged after a hailstorm. Hail can affect asphalt or composition shingles in a different way to wooden shingles. For asphalt and composition roofs, for example, hail damage may result in loose granules and exposed felt along with ice-hits which are usually black in color.

Get Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

It’s always a much better idea to opt for roof repair well in time instead of waiting for an emergency. In the unfortunate event of an emergency roof repair, you can always rely on us to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and with the utmost efficiency. A damaged roof can result in damage to other parts of your home as well and the costs can quickly escalate into thousands of dollars.

 On the other hand, hail can damage wooden shingles with splits and leave marks or dents on the roof. Any bruises or cracks in the roof façade may strongly indicate hail damage. A local roofing contractor will be the best source for help.

Our seasoned tinsmiths will be happy to examine your roof for rainwater, hail or structural damage and suggest suitable solutions. Our detailed free estimate will help you prepare an insurance claim for roof damage.

Once you have entrusted the job to us, we will take of every little detail from start to finish. With a strong roof over your head, your property has much chances of withstanding rain, storms, wind or snow. You and your family can relax in peace and comfort. 

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