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What Is a Green Roof?

Green roofs consist of vegetation and water-proofing systems added to existing roofs.

A natural, flora-filled green roof is easier on the eye than a drab grey or brown one. Homeowners can choose the type of plants and flowers they want, depending on their aesthetic preference.

Green roofs add a vegetative layer to areas on the roof that would otherwise remain unused. At Premium Roofing, Calgary, we offer an array of exciting, sturdy, and durable roofing options, including asphalt, slate, metal and green roofs.

What Is a Green Roof?

Traditionally, we are used to seeing roofs made of slate, asphalt, concrete, metal or tile. The underlying purpose of roofs was mainly to protect your property against rain, winds, snow, sunshine, and hail. However, modern roofing technology has helped roofs evolve into roof gardens while continuing to function as traditional roofs.

Roofs that double up as gardens are called ‘green roofs.’ You can have green roofs with plants, shrubs, or trees, a substrate layer that secures the roots, and a drainage system that evacuates water from the roof.

You can opt for partial or complete coverage of your existing roof. Green roofs can consist of food or decorative plants and herbs.

If you’re considering getting a green roof for your property, please get in touch with our responsive staff. We are happy to answer your queries and provide a free, no-obligation quote after inspecting your roof.

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Considerations for a Green Roof

The depth of the substrate and the water-proofing system design will depend on the weight capacity of your roof. For example, the soil depth may vary anywhere between 50mm to more than a metre, depending on your existing roof.

Green roofs are becoming more popular as property owners in Calgary are looking to maximize space. Our certified roofing contractors are adept at installing green roofs on existing as well as new properties.

Green roofs can also exist and flourish among other roof structures like solar panels and rooftop cafes. Green roofs are an ideal choice for those looking for an aesthetic, eco-friendly design aligned with nature and the environment.

Green roofs tend to cost a little more than traditional roofs as they need to be professionally designed and analyzed before installing the drainage and substrate systems.

The good news is that their long-term advantages often outweigh the initial outlay.

How Do Green Roofs Work?

If you’re interested in getting a green roof, our friendly roofing contractors will first inspect your roof to see if it can sustain one. We have the expertise and know-how to install green roofs on flat as well as pitched roofs.

The roof needs to be covered with a protection board and a rubber membrane that prevents plants from growing into the roof and causing cracks. You can choose between intensive or extensive green roofs. Intensive green roofs have deeper soil layers and are ideal for growing shrubs and trees.

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