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Elastomeric Membrane Roofing in Calgary

Do you need a coating over your flat or low-pitched roof? Elastomeric membrane roofing is popular in Calgary and surrounding areas, and with good reason.

They are made up of two layers, the base and finishing membrane, and are capable of stretching up to twice their original length. Elastomeric membrane roofs make up more than half of Canada’s flat, low-sloped roofs.

At Premium Roofing, we offer modern, eco-friendly, and durable roofing options for residential and commercial properties. They are installed on top of existing roofing systems due to the many advantages they offer.

When’s the Best Time to Install an Elastomeric Membrane Roof?

You may want to install an elastomeric membrane covering before your existing roof begins to develop problems. Roofing problems could include worn flashings, loosening rubber seams, and minor leaks.

As far as roofs are concerned, niggling problems can become major issues if not resolved. Rubber roofs typically come with a 10-year warranty. It would be best to get an elastomeric membrane coating just before it completes ten years. 

Our Calgary roofing contractor will inspect the roof, clean and treat the seams and install the coating. There’s likely to be very little – if at all – moisture under the seams at this point.

The secret lies in seeking timely intervention before the existing roof deteriorates – and costs you thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

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Elastomeric Membrane Roofing Near Me

Once you give us a call, we will inspect your roof to determine the square footage, age, and condition and check for leaks. Our experienced roofing pros will also check for water saturation by looking for soft areas where moisture may be trapped.

Of course, we are pleased to offer a no-obligation, free estimate of the costs you may incur for elastomeric membrane roofing installation. To learn more about elastomeric membrane, asphalt shingle, slate, or concrete roofs, please get in touch with Premium Roofing, Calgary, today.

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