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Roof Repair

Roof repair for all types of roofs

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Roof replacement for all types of roofs

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Roof inspection for all types of roofs

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A roof is a long-term investment and you should invest your hard-earned money in a company that guarantees quality. Our in-house roofing experts are some of the best in the Calgary area with years of experience behind them. The roof, unfortunately, is one of the most overlooked features of a property and owners are often unaware of any problems until it’s too late.

Regular roof inspections can save you thousands of dollars in the event that any leaks or damage should arise. The best solution is to hire a reputed company for an attractive, strong and durable roof that lasts several years. You will be satisfied with our first class workmanship and quality and we’re happy to demonstrate our faith in our products with trusted warranties.

It’s as important to look after your roof as it is to care for the rest of your home. A leaking or cracked roof will fail to perform its function of protecting the house. As a result, rainwater, snow or sleet is likely to find its way in and damage the interiors.

Ageing roof shingles, for instance, not only appear unsightly but can also cause wear and tear on the roof surface. In fact, keeping your roof in mint condition is crucial to keeping your entire home safe from irreparable damage.

We are committed to providing every residential and commercial customer with the most efficient, economical and professional services. You may not be sure of the roofing solution that you’re looking for or the best option that satisfies your requirement. Our committed staff are always happy to help out every customer by explaining options, processes and prices.

Keep in mind that home insurance policies do not cover roofing damage caused due to negligence, wear or tear.

You can be confident that we will always look out for your best interests and complete the job to your complete satisfaction. Simply call or email out office and we will schedule a full inspection and assessment at your convenience. After taking into account every important factor such as size, shape and type of roof, we’ll provide you with a reliable price estimate.
You can be assured of reasonable prices and fair time-frames for job completion. We value every customer’s time and money and it’s our goal to satisfy you in every way. If you need assistance with roof repair or even with replacement of the entire roof, we’ll be happy to help you out.

Once we’ve inspected the premises, we’ll offer a range of options and you can identify the services or products that interest you. Our roofing specialists will update you with all the information with regard to prices, products and warranties. While we’ll be happy to make suggestions, you have the final say on what you want.

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Roof Repair

Premium Roofing Calgary is a reputed local Canadian roofing company that offers a range of impressive roofing services including inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement.

Roof Replacement

Every roof, however sturdily built, will require replacement at some point after years of services. Once the expiration date is reached, it’s best to opt for a new roof as the old one may be beyond repair.

Roof Inspection

As top roofing contractors in Calgary, we recommend that you should consider getting regular roof inspections.

Ice and snow removal

For Calgary homeowners, snow and ice buildup on the roof during winters is inevitable. While an accumulation of snow does not pose serious problems, ice can cause extensive damage to your home or commercial property.

We Pride Ourselves in Providing 100% Customer Satisfaction

Premium Roofing Calgary tinsmiths takes its reputation for quality and efficiency very seriously and does whatever it takes to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

 We’d like to recommend our comprehensive roofing solutions to every residential and commercial customer in Calgary:

  • We are licensed and insured Canadian contractors
  • We are a proud local company that works hard to provide the best roofing solutions
  • Our teams use state-of-the-art equipment and technology
  • You can rely on us to complete the job within the prescribed time-frame and budget
  • Our upfront and reliable price estimate is sacrosanct and customers need not fear unexpected ‘hidden’ costs
  • We specialize in roofing replacements, repairs and new installations


We’re happy to Offer a List of Benefits

There are multiple advantages from hiring Premium Roofers Calgary for your needs:

  • Safety and Security: You can relax and enjoy peace of mind even in severe weather conditions.
  • Reliable and Efficient Solutions: We do the job with utmost integrity and honesty and never cut corners. You can trust us to provide the most professional solutions for your unique roofing requirement. Regardless of whether the job is simple or extensive, we work with the same dedication and commitment for every customer
  • Save Your Hard-Earned Dollars: Neglecting your roof and postponing repairs often results in high bills at a later stage, not to mention the attendant discomfort and stress of a leaking or damaged roof. Only professional roofing work can be expected to be durable and of high quality.
  • Boost the Value of Your Property: A strong, well-laid and attractive roof goes a long way in increasing the value of your property. A leaky, worn or damaged roof, on the other hand, may considerably reduce the overall value of your property.

 There is no reason to compromise on safety. Get your roof repaired today to prevent complications and risks.

Call Us for a Professional Inspection

If you feel that something is amiss with the roof, you’re probably right. Give us a call and we’ll come over and make a detailed assessment. Avoid procrastinating as delays could worsen the problem. Our professional crew will make a full inspection with an expert eye and will identify any problems that need to be resolved. 

Here are some of the things our pros will look carefully for:

  • Shingles lifting away or curling away from the roof
  • Is the entire roof worn out or at the end of its life?
  • Wind, snow or hail damage to the roof
  • Is bare wood visible where it should not be?

 Once the professional roofing inspection is over, we will advise you of our recommendations including roofing repair or in extreme cases, roof replacement. Regular roof cleaning and repair can go a long way in reducing bills and preventing hassle.

Contact us without further delay and feel free to ask questions regarding roof repair and replacement, ice et snow removal and replacement. Our courteous staff will answer your questions and clarify your doubts.

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