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Flat Roofing in Calgary

Although the name suggests otherwise, flat roofs are not always devoid of a slope. Many have a low slope, which is why they’re also referred to as ‘low slope roofs.’ They are the preferred roofs of choice for external structures like garages and come with their unique set of challenges and needs.

If you plan to get a flat roof for your home or commercial property, it may be a good idea to learn a little more about the advantages, features, and costs involved. As certified roofing contractors in Calgary, we specialize in installing flat roofs for large and small-sized residential and commercial properties.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

One of the biggest plus points of installing a flat roof is the relatively cheaper cost. Flat roofs are more affordable in terms of installation, repair, maintenance, and upkeep. It’s easier and quicker to install flat roofs, and there are fewer damage and repair costs during the roof’s lifespan.

Installing roof structures like solar panels and satellites on a flat roof is simpler than on pitched roofs. Flat roof solar racking, for example, is less visible than on sloping roofs. You can also use flat roofs as outdoor lounge areas, barbecue space, or grow a garden. They are easier and safer to access and inspect than sloped roofs.

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Flat roofs are an economical choice, provided they are regularly maintained. They are relatively easy to install, cost-effective, and even energy-efficient in some instances.

If you’re thinking of getting a flat roof for your home or commercial property, please do not hesitate to call Premium Roofing, Calgary, for the latest options, costs, and alternatives.

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Do You Have a Roof Emergency?

If not properly maintained, flat roofs can develop problems that can quickly turn into vulnerabilities.


No matter how tough, any roofing material will suffer from constant exposure over the years. Flat roofs can suffer damage from exposure to the sun, wind, rain, ice, and hail. In commercial establishments like restaurants, they can be impacted by oil droplets as well.

The building structure may expand slightly due to heat, which also affects the roofing.


Leaks are a common issue with flat roofs as they are unable to shed water and snow. When water accumulates on the roof with no outlet, it eventually results in leaks. Although roof leaks may seem harmless, they can transform into major problems if ignored.

The lack of a natural slope forces precipitation to stand on the roof and can also cause sagging.

Why Contact Us for Roof Emergency Services

Flat roofs in Calgary often suffer punctures and tears, especially after rain or hail. Pedestrian traffic and wind-blown debris can also impact the roof. This is why it’s best to get your flat roof professionally inspected after major weather events.

Our responsive roofing team is always available for emergency flat roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement. While inspecting your roof, we look for potential problems and recommend suitable solutions that can help fix the issues.

At Premium Roofing, we also offer roof waterproofing and weather-proofing services in Calgary.

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