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Have you had your roof inspected in recent years?

As top roofing contractors in Calgary, we recommend that you should consider getting regular roof inspections. For most of us, our home or commercial property is the biggest investment we make in our lives and we need to do everything we can to maintain its value.

One of the most components of your property is the roof. Sadly, most of us take the roof for granted, not realizing that any damage to the roof can destroy our home and belongings. One of the best ways to preserve the lifespan of your roof is by having it inspected at regular intervals.

Regular Roof Inspections in Calgary

Premium Roofing Calgary offers detailed roof inspections to our respected customers so they can reap the full benefit of a professional opinion. Even the most sturdily built roofs are vulnerable to constant wear and tear due to the harsh weather elements we experience. Hail, snow, ice, wind and rain take their toll on roofs and they need to be carefully examined for signs of damage.

In particular, roof inspections are specially required after heavy snow, hail or rainstorms or if you’re preparing to sell or rent out your home. Our experienced tinsmiths will check your roof for shingle damage, leaks, soft spots, cracks, bruises, flashing installations and much more. Many of these signs may not be visible to the naked eye but experts will know exactly what to look for.

Professional Roofing Companies Can Save You Money

Timely roof inspections can prevent larger problems from looming in the future and save you thousands of dollars in the process. Minor repairs, if left unattended, can fester and grow into major problems that may eventually require a full roof replacement. Call our reliable roofing crew for a roofing inspection at the earliest.

Professional assessment of the state of your roof can help you claim damages from your home insurance provider. However, it may be difficult to make a successful claim if negligence is responsible for roof damage. Act promptly to get your roof inspected and repaired at the earliest.

Our certified roofers are fully trained to examine residential as well as commercial roofs of every type including rubber, aluminum, flat roofs, metal and wood roofs. We also offer efficient industrial roof inspection and repair services. Call us today for further details regarding our wide range of roof repair services and products.

Objectives of Professional Roof Inspection

 Roof inspection can help identify an reveal small or major damage or flaws. Our affordable roof inspection services offer a host of benefits:

  • Identification of blistered, curly, split shingles
  • Identification of loose, broken shingles at the hip or ridge lines
  • Rusted, damaged or missing flashings
  • Soft or sagging roofs
  • Rusted, clogged or missing gutters and eavestroughs
  • Examination of the siding around the roof
  • Light and ventilation of the attic
  • Cracking in the roofing sheet
  • Slumped or sagging roof ridges
  • Exposed nails, rotting fascia boards and missing shingle nails

Our in-depth roof inspection services includes all the elements of the checklist described above and much more. The crew will examine every inch of your roof, siding and attic areas and make recommendations regarding repair or replacement (in certain cases). You need not worry about a steep roof inspection cost – we always offer fairly priced deals and ensure you get the best value for money.

Best Time to Schedule Independent Roof Inspection Services

Although we offer 24 x 7 emergency roof repairs, in general, spring and fall are good seasons to schedule home roof inspections. Spring is particularly recommended for roof inspection as the ice, snow, hail and freezing temperatures can take a serious toll on the structural integrity of the roof.

In addition to ice et snow removal, we recommend springtime roof inspections to identify moisture that may be seeping into the roof or attic. Melting snow can often seep into cracks and gaps and cause further damage.

Roof inspection during fall can prevent problems during winter. After all, the last thing you want is for the roof to leak during a violent winter storm. The strong summer sunshine with UV rays can also cause damage to shingles.

Problems That Can Be Resolved by In-Depth Roof Inspection

Heavy and intense winter storms can wreak havoc on the best roofs in the Calgary area. A damaged roof on your shop or place of business can destroy goods, furniture or merchandise worth thousands of dollars. Emergency roof repair may result in major disruptions to business and loss of revenue.

Commercial or industrial customers can call us for information our impressive array of roof inspection, repair and replacement services. As proud Canadian locals, we’re pleased to be of service to our community and take every care to be considerate to the environment.

Strong winds or rain often blow portions of shingles off the roof (especially on old roofs). Similarly, roof leaks can be caused by fallen debris, tree twigs, branches, moisture and temperature fluctuations. Flashings may rust or can be blown away in wind and rain. These need to be repaired and re-sealed for effective moisture protection.

Roof gutters can become clogged, rusted or break off in strong winds or storms. Rainwater flows then get affected and may damage other parts of the roof. These gutters need to be re-fastened or replaced (if they’re too old or beyond repair) to prevent accumulation of water in the roof. Damaged skylights and vents also frequently cause roof damage and these need to be identified and replaced as soon as possible.

The good news is that minor leaks can be patched or repaired easily. You can be confident that our expert roofing pros will suggest solutions in your best interests.

Our Detailed Roof Inspection Program

Professional roof inspections can bring several hidden problems to light and give you peace of mind. By scheduling regular inspections, you can be assured that you’ve taken the right steps to protect you and your family from inconvenience and discomfort. A full roof replacement (which in some cases is unavoidable) can cost anywhere from $10,000 or more.

By adding an annual roof inspection to your yearly home checklist, you can extend the lifespan of your roof without being obliged to opt for emergency roof replacement during freezing weather. In the event that we find damage, we will make out a detailed plan and advise of you of costs and time estimates. As concerned homeowners ourselves, we take special care to provide a carefully tailored solution that corresponds to your budget, time constraints and convenience.

Roof Inspection to Your Full Satisfaction

Simple and prompt roof inspection can preserve the sanctity of your home or commercial property and prevent the requirement for major repairs or replacement. Having an annual roofing inspection performed by trusted professionals is a decision that can save you bother, stress and money in the long run.

It’s better not to wait until something goes wrong. Incorrectly repaired or installed roofs can cause serious damage to the structure and integrity of your home. As local roofing contractors in Calgary, we guarantee every customer workmanship, efficiency and lasting results.

Contact us for further details regarding roof inspection, cleaning, repairs and replacement and let us know how we can hep you.

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