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Commercial and Residential Roof Emergencies

Professional roof emergency services can help protect your home and business from serious water damage. While it’s best to treat all roof repairs as urgent, some problems require immediate and skilled intervention from professionals.

Our team of Calgary roofing experts guarantees fast response and is experienced in handling commercial and residential roof emergencies.

Get Your Roof Emergency Fixed

Out of all the home emergencies, roof repairs are probably the most important. A sound and sturdy roof keeps your home, hearth, family, and pets safe and dry.

If you’re not keeping on top of roof problems or getting it inspected, you may be setting yourself up for a huge problem. While a well-structured roof is designed to last for a long time, most roofs require maintenance beyond a particular age.

Getting your roof inspected regularly can reduce the likelihood of developing a roof emergency.

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Do You Have a Roof Emergency?

Roofs in Calgary are exposed 24/7 to the elements, including harsh winters and will require occasional repairs. While all problems may not qualify as emergencies, these signs may indicate that you need prompt assistance from local roofing contractors.

Missing Shingles

When it comes to your roof, every shingle counts.

Heavy winds, gales, falling branches, and blowing debris can cause shingles to become dislodged. They can also go missing if your roof wasn’t installed correctly in the first place.

Missing shingles can be an emergency, depending on which part of the roof they were covering and how many are missing. You need to determine if the missing shingles are merely an eye-sore or if they have the potential to cause serious leaks.

Professional roofing contractors can help you fix minor problems before they become expensive emergencies. Please don’t hesitate to call our responsive team in case of a roofing emergency.

Heavy Snow and Ice

If you live in a cold area like Calgary that experiences icy winters, your roof may take a lot of abuse. We are not the only ones that experience stress. Roofs also experience stress when there is heavy snowfall.

The snow and rainwater flow down to the lowest point on the roof and solidify into large ice blocks during deep winter. Water and snow seep into the tiniest of spaces, causing cracks to form.

Animals like squirrels and raccoons can chew the roof (especially old roofs) down to your attic and cause heavy damage. Blocked and broken gutters can prevent rainwater from flowing away from the roof.

Why Contact Us for Roof Emergency Services

The smallest roof leak can quickly become a large problem that requires thousands of dollars to resolve.

Customers trust Premium Roofing, Calgary, for their roofing needs as we:

  • Use high quality roofing materials
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  • Provide professional roofing services at fair prices

Delays can threaten the structural integrity of your residential or commercial property. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our experienced professionals will fix your roofing emergency efficiently and with a quick turnaround.

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