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What Does Commercial Roof Replacement Involve?

As a responsible business owner, you rely on your roof to keep your employees, customers, and commercial assets safe. If the roof over your business premises, warehouse, offices, or store is old, worn out, or in disrepair, you may want to learn more about commercial roof replacement.

Replacing a commercial roof can sometimes be a noisy, complicated undertaking. You can trust our roofing professionals at Premium Roofing, Calgary, to do a quick and efficient job with minimal disruption to your business.

Commercial Roof Replacement: How Long Does It Take?

We understand that you want the roof to be replaced as quickly as possible. While flat commercial roofs take about 3-5 days to replace, the time required for commercial roof replacement depends on a number of factors:

Roof Size

The size of the roof plays a big part in determining the time required. Commercial roof replacement in Calgary begins with the tear-off and disposal of the old roof before installing the new one. The bigger the roof, the more the square footage to remove, dispose of, cover, and replace.

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Stretches of warm weather in Calgary are ideal for a commercial roof replacement, but strong winds and heavy rain can slow down the process.

Damage and Design Complexity

The roof tiles may be damaged, or the problem could be due to rotten underlayment and sheathing. Similarly, flat roof structures are the easiest to replace, while roofs with a slope or incline take longer.

If the roof has HVAC units, solar panels, and so on, the roof replacement process may take longer. Our professional contractors will inspect your roof thoroughly and help determine the most suitable solution for your roof.

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How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Generally speaking, you should replace a commercial roof once every twenty years. If the roof is already close to the end of its lifespan, contact Premium Roofing, Calgary, for a detailed inspection.

Replacing your commercial roof on time can prevent deterioration and protect your goods from damage. Poor or incorrect roof installation is one of the main reasons behind unexpected roofing issues like leaks and cracks. Hiring reliable roofing contractors can help ensure that your roof lives up to its reputation.

Our highly trained crew respects deadlines and offers efficient commercial roof replacement in and around Calgary. Please get in touch with Premium Roofing for options, materials, and a free estimate.

How Commercial Roof Replacement Helps

Your brand new commercial roof can benefit you in several ways:

Improved Safety

Loose tiles, slippery shingles, missing edges, and unstable membranes can cause accidents and falls. Commercial roof replacement can also help address problems like damaged hatches, rusted roof elevators, and unsafe electrical lines.

Increased Resistance to Weather

Replacing a storm-ravaged roof with a sturdy new material, flashing, and gaskets can protect the structure from ice, hail, winds, and snow and make the building more weather-resistant.

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